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Time management is vital for getting success in life. We can not be successful without making time management. Most people think that I have a very short time, how to manage it. But the truth is that there is no such thing as time management. You never manage your time. You manage yourself and your activity. Time Automatically Manages Yet how to manage the time for the understanding of the people. In this article I have tried to understand.

                    To understand time management I have given an image below. With the help of which you can easily understand time management.

Generally we work on four types of category. Which I will explain one by one.

1.  In the first block, I have cut the I ( important) and U (urgent). This means that we work 80% which are neither important nor urgent. Like – watching television, now you think that watching television is too much an employable job or a lot of earners. Yet we give the time of the time. Now you have to note that one thing which you have done on your own, does not even matter if you do not do it.

2. In the second block I have cut the important. It means that the work which is not important is not to be done. The work that is urgent is to be done. We do these argent work only 5% in a day. Whatever we have to do, such as – has become an accident of a friend and you get their call. That means you have to go. Here, you have to leave all the work and go immediately because it is an Urgent. The second example is you have to go to the washroom. This is a very urgent job.

3. In this block I have cut urgent. This means that whatever work is important, it is very necessary, but we leave such a work. And this is due to block of first number. We work in that place, which I mentioned in the first block. Example – Your exams are after one month. When do we start reading when the exams come to pass. Everyday reading is important but we do not read. Despite being imports we do not pay attention to the examinations.

Focus on last Points 

4. In this block, I have told about the work that is very important and urgent. Examples – Give the exams. This work is also an importer for us and also an agent. If you do not study then you will get spread. Most people do their work when work becomes both earning and earning. If we start giving 80% of the first block of time, no one can stop us from being successful.

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